Why Air Pillows?

Peanuts Paper PackRed Air Pillows
116 cubic feet 116 cubic feet 116 cubic feet
At least $600 At least $500 Under $100
Takes 116 cubic feet to store Takes about 20 cubic feet to store Stores in just about 1 cubic foot

PackRed Inflatable Bubble Packaging that saves money

One 500m roll of film will make 5,000 air pillows. That’s enough to fill 116 cubic feet of space, or about 100 16” x 12” x 10” boxes.

116 cubic feet of peanuts costs at least $600. The roll of film costs under $100. Just four rolls completely pays for your machine.

And unlike large bulk containers of peanuts or stacks of paper, a roll of PackRed film is about the size of a toaster and can be stored conveniently until needed.

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Redefine your Product Protection

Airworks air pillows provide far superior product protection compared to traditional shipping materials like paper or peanuts. Our unique two-layer film can support static loads of over 650lbs

Redevelop your Customer Appreciation

Your customers receive your products undamaged and with no mess from peanuts, paper dust, or crumbling foam. Reuse or disposal of your packaging materials is quick and convenient.

Reduce your Costs

Our air pillows cost up to 85% less than peanuts or foam to fill the same space. And unlike peanuts, paper, or foam, air pillows add virtually no weight to your package. You pay none of the additional shipping costs associated with other cushioning material.

Rediscover your Green Side

Air pillows can be reused by your customers. They shrink to just 1% of their original size when deflated for disposal. Our polyethylene film is easily recycled for zero net waste. And your lighter packages will take less fuel to ship, reducing emissions and making your shipping even greener.