Which Machine is Right for Me?

PackRed offers the most complete line of compact, affordable air pillow machines available. Any of our machines will fit on a tabletop and provide you simple, maintenance-free air pillow packaging. But which machine is best for your application?

The CR 45-100 is ideal for low-volume packing applications, producing up to 45 pillows per minute. It uses inexpensive 100m film rolls that hold from 750-1000 pillows per roll and start at just $19.99. It’s our lowest-cost model, and its simple operation and maintenance-free design makes it the perfect solution for small and home-based businesses.

All of our other machines use our 500m rolls, which contain up to 5,000 pillows per roll. The CR 45-500 offers the same compact and easy-to-use design as the 45-100, but holds the 500m rolls for higher-volume operations. It will use any of our 500m 4″ or 8″ wide rolls for the greatest flexibility in pillow size and strength, and offers the same 45 pillows per minute speed. And its low cost makes it a good choice to install at multiple packing stations.

If your packaging operation needs a higher volume, choose the CR 80 or CR 160. The CR 80 operates at higher speeds, up to 80 pillows per minute. In addition to the on-off functionality offered by the CR 45 models, the 80 can also produce a preset number of pillows before automatically stopping. This feature is ideal for applications that involve producing the same number of pillows repeatedly. The 80 also has the ability to connect to an external control, such as a foot switch or our Flexible and Station packaging stations, for fully automatic operation. If you need even higher speeds, the CR 160 offers the same features as the 80, but at up to twice the speed – 160 pillows per minute – to provide enough pillows to serve multiple packing stations from a single machine.

Do you need product protection sheets instead of, or in addition to, pillows for void-fill?  Select the CR Maxx. Our most powerful machine, the CR Maxx can produce pillows up to 16″ wide, including our SoftLayer 16″ x 16″ sheets. These sheets are ideal for product protection and to replace bubble wrap. And the Maxx can use any of our other 500m rolls, making it a complete void-fill and product protection solution.

Still have questions? Email us at  help@packred.com or call us at 888.273.1908 and we’ll be glad to help. Otherwise, visit our store and choose the machine that’s right for you!