Which Film is Right for Me?

PackRed offers the widest range of film to meet any void-fill or product protection need. But how do you select the film that’s right for your packaging application?

First, our film comes in two roll lengths: 100m and 500m. The 100m film rolls are only compatible with the Airworks CR 45-100. If you have any other Airworks CR machine, use the 500m rolls.

Next, determine the film size you need. The 5″ x 8″ pillows are the most common and are an efficient way to fill large and small boxes. 8″ x 8″ pillows are a good choice if you need to fill large spaces. If you need to fill particularly small spaces, or need additional strength, select the 4″ x 4″ pillows, as smaller pillows are even stronger than the larger ones.

The 25µ film thickness is a good choice for most applications, as it supports a static load of up to 325lbs. If you have particularly heavy products, or products with sharp edges that could damage film, select the 40µ film thickness for extra strength to support loads up to 650lbs.

Do you need to ensure your products are protected, rather than just filling space? Our SoftLayer 16″ x 16″ sheets are an ideal replacement for bubble wrap and provide the ultimate in product protection. Note that only the CR Maxx can work with the SoftLayer or our other 16″ wide films, so be sure you have the correct machine for your application.

Still not sure which film is right for you, or do you need something special like film printed with your logo or ESD antistatic film? Email us at  help@packred.com or give us a call at 888.273.1908 and we’ll help you decide. And remember that you can easily switch between different sizes and thicknesses of film, so you can always select a different film as your needs change. Visit our store to see all your options.