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Use Air Pillows for Etsy Gift Shipping

Written by chris navarro
Thursday, August, 10 2017

Last year, Etsy was responsible for $69.5 million of goods sold. Think about the amount of packaging needed to ship these items. Are customers receiving their items in a Green, cost-efficient way? If not, we think air pillows would be an excellent solution for shippers to use.

The most popular products customers are buying are jewelry, beads, cosmetics, sweets and other delicate, handmade items. In terms of shipping, here’s how air pillows can ensure safe travels for your products:

photo by Yadanabeads

Jewelry and Beads: Smaller items, such as beads and necklaces, need something large enough to keep them from moving around within their packaging. Air pillows are great since they cover a larger amount of space, but are delicate when pressed against the items. Also, air pillows are much cleaner, since pieces of packing peanuts can end up sticking to jewelry and getting stuck in the links of watches.

photo by ErzulieCosmetics

Cosmetics: Liquids, small pieces, delicate items; Cosmetics aren’t like shipping a book. You can have trouble getting them to your customers intact. Air pillows help cushion your products with their thin, but durable protection. It’s no mess at all, and much lighter so you can save on cost.

photo by thePieceDeResistance

Sweets: Styrofoam can make cookies taste less fresh and soak up the moisture. With air pillows, it’s a lot easier. Keep your cookies tasting like they just came out of the oven. First, cover your cookies in either a sheet or inside of a plastic bag. When you’re ready to ship, secure the cookies with the air pillows until there’s little or no area for movement. Maintain freshness and taste with our air pillows.

photo by victoriaeggs

Handmade Items: When you think “handmade,” fragile usually comes to mind. What better way to keep fragile items safe than with air pillows? Most cases, only a few pillows themselves are needed to keep delicate items secured. This adds less weight to your package, which also lower your shipping costs.

If you have a successful store through Etsy, consider using air pillows for all of your shipping needs. You’ll keep your customers happy and make sure they keep coming back for more hand-crafted products.