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Save Money With Our New Prices on All Air Pillow Film

Written by chris navarro
Thursday, August, 10 2017

On January 4th, PackRed is announcing new, lower pricing on its entire line of air pillow films. The price reductions vary but range from 10% to 20% off previous pricing. These new, lower prices are permanent and reflect our continuing dedication to providing our customers the best possible value in air pillow packing.

No changes have been made in the films themselves. All of the air pillow films will continue to be made of the same high-quality dual layer design that offer superior strength and longer life than other films. And, as always, we have no contracts, leases, or minimum ordering quantities for any of its films.

PackRed offers its customers the best value and simplest purchasing available with air pillow packaging. Our new lower prices will save you even more money and enable more businesses to make the switch to clean, inexpensive, environmentally friendly air pillows.

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