Pack Like A Professional

You’re a professional packer and shipper. So your customers expect professional packing options. Don’t leave them hanging with dirty, messy peanuts or paper. Upgrade your store and increase your packing sales by offering your customer a fresh new option.

PackRed can help your retail shipping business reduce costs, add revenue streams, cut down waste, save space, and be a more complete solution for your customers!

Airworks air pillow machines and film from PackRed save your retail business money. Our air pillows protect better than peanuts or paper, and save you 80% or more to fill an equal amount of space. And with our new financing option, you can get started with no money down and rates starting under $100 per month.

You’ll also save room in your store when you replace your bulky overhead foam peanut dispenser with a compact tabletop Airworks air pillow machine from PackRed. With a footprint around the size of a phone book, you can put your Airworks air pillow machine right on your packing table. The film takes up almost no space until you need the pillows.

Your customers will appreciate that their families, friends, and customers will receive packages with clean, lightweight, easily disposable or recyclable air pillows instead of bulky, messy, dusty peanuts or paper filling. And they’ll have the confidence of knowing their packages are arriving in good shape, with air pillows that can support loads from 325 to 650lbs.

And you can offer your customers even more value by selling inflated pillows for their own home or office packing needs. When selling individual pillows to your retail customers, our film’s low prices allow you to generate a margin of 100% or greater, helping your bottom line.

Want to replace bulky, expensive, fragile bubble wrap as well? Select a CR Maxx air pillow machine and try our SoftLayer 16″ x 16″ product protection sheets. Generate only the wrap you need in real time, inexpensively and without storage hassles. And the CR Maxx can use any of our other films, so it’s a complete solution to offer your customers the latest options in both package fill and product protection.

Do you need to try different machines? Contact us at 888.273.1908 for information on testing a machine with no obligation to keep it.

PackRed is ready to be your partner in serving the needs of your retail shipping customers. Select your Airworks air pillow machine and the film sizes you need from our online store, or contact us by phone or email to let us know how we can help.