Our Machines

The CR line of compact air pillow machines from Airworks is the ultimate method of filling your packaging and protecting your products. Designed and built in Germany, the CR series consists of four models to meet the needs of everyone from home-based Internet businesses to large-scale logistics operations. With simple setup guides and videos, startup and operation is a breeze, and US-based support is always available online or by calling us at PackRed.

You have the flexibility to use a wide variety of film sizes and multiple thicknesses, due to the easily adjustable controls for air volume and sealing temperature. No regular scheduled maintenance is needed due to the advanced, reliable design. And with the modular design of Airworks accessories, you can continue to use your machine efficiently as your shipping operation scales up in size.

With thousands of machines worldwide and over ten years of success in all sizes and types of shipping operations, CR air pillow machines from Airworks are the world leader in design, reliability, and performance. And best of all, there’s no contract required and no need for installation. Select your CR model from our web store and see just how easy, efficient, and economical filling the void in your packaging can be. If you’re not sure which machine will best meet your needs, click here for our guide.