Our Film

The film makes a difference to your packaging application.  Only our film with AirStop technology is made of two layers.  Not only does this eliminate the need for frequent replacement of the heat sealing tools, it also eliminates the weak point other films have at their seal because the outer layer is not affected by the heat seal.  As a result, our film guarantees the best possible protection for your products and the easiest operation for your Airworks CR air pillow machine.

We offer a wide variety of Airworks film to meet any product protection need.  With our wide range of available film sizes, we can help you fill any package size efficiently.  We also offer our film in two thicknesses, which helps you match your air pillows to the needs of your products.  Our thickest 40 micron film can sustain loads of up to 650lbs, while the 25 micron film provides an economical solution to protect loads up to 325lbs.

Take a look at all the different sizes and strengths of Airworks film from our web store, and choose the film that’s best for your application.  You’ll protect your products better, save money, and make your customers happier.  Not sure which film is right for you?  Click here to help you make your decision.