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Making the Switch to Air Pillows

Written by chris navarro
Thursday, August, 10 2017

A common concern for businesses looking to convert to air pillow packing is the initial investment in the equipment. Some of the greatest advantages of air pillows relate to the fact that they are delivered to the user and inflated on demand. But this process requires a machine to inflate the pillows, and it can be difficult in times of tight budgets for companies to overcome their initial resistance to investing in their shipping department.

But the advantages of air pillow packing, in terms of both long-term cost and improved customer satisfaction, make this investment necessary. Depending on shipping volume, the reduced materials cost when compared to peanuts, paper, or other packing materials can pay for the entire machine in as little as one month. The high quality of our air pillow machines means many years of problem-free shipping, so even at lower shipping volumes the machines will pay for themselves.

Improving customer satisfaction can be difficult to quantify, but it also has a measurable effect on the bottom line. Giving your customers a superior experience from the time they open your package can earn you repeat business and reduce complaints. The value of better relationships with your customers easily covers the small cost of investing in an air pillow machine.

We are also unique since there are no minimum purchase amounts, leases, or long-term contracts for its machines or film. So you always control your shipping costs precisely, ordering just the material you need when you need it and reducing your inventory and storage space costs.

Unlike investments in computer systems, office furniture sets, or even copiers, all of which typically cost more than an air pillow machine from PackRed, your choice in packing material makes a direct impact on your customer and should be given a priority in your spending decisions. We’ll make the switch even easier by charging your orders to your company’s credit card, so you can pay over time if desired.