Portland to Ban Foam Packaging?

At PackRed, we want to help businesses streamline their shipping process through the use of air pillows. Whether you’re a large company or someone who sells on Etsy, we want to provide a simple solution that’s affordable and also Eco-friendly. That’s why we enjoyed reading about the city of Portland’s recent decision to move away from the use of Styrofoam.

Along with counties in California, Portland is also considering banning the use of Styrofoam in businesses and schools. Groups like The Green Packaging Working Group, led by City Councilor Ed Suslovic, includes representatives from Environment Maine, the Maine Restaurant Association, the Maine Audubon Society, the Maine Grocers Association, several local businesses and city residents. All of these groups are pushing for this initiative to go through.

At this point, the biggest deterrent to this passing is the amount of money that will cost businesses and schools. A cafeteria for example, paying 3 cents for a foam tray would now have to pay 12 cents for another Eco-friendly option..While not sounding that expensive, this could actually quadruple the school’s costs. And businesses that utilize Styrofoam cups would take a pretty big hit as well.

As we noted in the other post, Styrofoam can have damaging effects to marine life, add tons of tiny messy pieces for clean-up and simply won’t biodegrade. The most vocal proponent, Ed Suslovic, notes, “Polystyrene doesn’t biodegrade, is virtually impossible to recycle, and has been identified by health experts as a carcinogen,” he said. “It’s time we work together to craft a policy that eliminates the risks associated with this product in a way that maintains the public health and minimizes the impact on local businesses.”

This process will take time, but we support using products that help keep our customers and the environment cleaner.

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Making the upgrade to packing with air pillows just became an even better value. PackRed now offers free UPS Ground shipping on all of its air pillow machines to any destination in the US. Simply select your machine from our Store, make sure you choose “Ground” as your desired shipping method, and your machine will ship the same day with no shipping charges!

If you’d prefer to order by phone, just call us at 888 273-1908 to order your machine and receive free shipping today! And if you’d like to finance your machine to get started with no upfront costs, you can visit our Financing page or submit your application over the phone. Your machine will still ship for free the same day you apply.

Office Depot Buys Office Max. What This Means For Your Business

This morning, Office Depot agreed to buy its rival OfficeMax for 2.1 billion dollars. There are several factors contributing to the deal, one being the direct competition from Staples, but more importantly, the dominant online retailer Amazon has increased pressure for the office supplier to compete. As Neil Austrian, chief executive of Office Depot, said: “In the past decade, with the growth of the Internet, our industry has changed dramatically.”

What does this merger mean for you and your business?

If you sell products online you already know your customers are looking for better prices and an easier way to buy them. As retail stores like Office Depot are trying to keep up, one of the best ways to keep your customers happy is to simplify how they receive their items.

What we suggest is to make shipping faster, safer and easier with our green and inexpensive air pillows. Your customers will thank you when they receive their items in a timely manner, completely protected by our film. No peanuts or paper, no mess or large clean up. It’s the best way to ship your products.

As more people continue to purchase from Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy, the emphasis on smarter packaging will be huge. So when Office Depot looks to buy up other companies to compete with Amazon, one of the best ways for you to keep your business healthy is to provide the best packaging possible. To see how air pillows can benefit your company, go to our Why Air Pillows page for more information.

Making the Switch to Air Pillows

A common concern for businesses looking to convert to air pillow packing is the initial investment in the equipment. Some of the greatest advantages of air pillows relate to the fact that they are delivered to the user and inflated on demand. But this process requires a machine to inflate the pillows, and it can be difficult in times of tight budgets for companies to overcome their initial resistance to investing in their shipping department.

But the advantages of air pillow packing, in terms of both long-term cost and improved customer satisfaction, make this investment necessary. Depending on shipping volume, the reduced materials cost when compared to peanuts, paper, or other packing materials can pay for the entire machine in as little as one month. The high quality of our air pillow machines means many years of problem-free shipping, so even at lower shipping volumes the machines will pay for themselves.

Improving customer satisfaction can be difficult to quantify, but it also has a measurable effect on the bottom line. Giving your customers a superior experience from the time they open your package can earn you repeat business and reduce complaints. The value of better relationships with your customers easily covers the small cost of investing in an air pillow machine.

We are also unique since there are no minimum purchase amounts, leases, or long-term contracts for its machines or film. So you always control your shipping costs precisely, ordering just the material you need when you need it and reducing your inventory and storage space costs.

Unlike investments in computer systems, office furniture sets, or even copiers, all of which typically cost more than an air pillow machine from PackRed, your choice in packing material makes a direct impact on your customer and should be given a priority in your spending decisions. We’ll make the switch even easier by charging your orders to your company’s credit card, so you can pay over time if desired.

Use Air Pillows for Etsy Gift Shipping

Last year, Etsy was responsible for $69.5 million of goods sold. Think about the amount of packaging needed to ship these items. Are customers receiving their items in a Green, cost-efficient way? If not, we think air pillows would be an excellent solution for shippers to use.

The most popular products customers are buying are jewelry, beads, cosmetics, sweets and other delicate, handmade items. In terms of shipping, here’s how air pillows can ensure safe travels for your products:

photo by Yadanabeads

Jewelry and Beads: Smaller items, such as beads and necklaces, need something large enough to keep them from moving around within their packaging. Air pillows are great since they cover a larger amount of space, but are delicate when pressed against the items. Also, air pillows are much cleaner, since pieces of packing peanuts can end up sticking to jewelry and getting stuck in the links of watches.

photo by ErzulieCosmetics

Cosmetics: Liquids, small pieces, delicate items; Cosmetics aren’t like shipping a book. You can have trouble getting them to your customers intact. Air pillows help cushion your products with their thin, but durable protection. It’s no mess at all, and much lighter so you can save on cost.

photo by thePieceDeResistance

Sweets: Styrofoam can make cookies taste less fresh and soak up the moisture. With air pillows, it’s a lot easier. Keep your cookies tasting like they just came out of the oven. First, cover your cookies in either a sheet or inside of a plastic bag. When you’re ready to ship, secure the cookies with the air pillows until there’s little or no area for movement. Maintain freshness and taste with our air pillows.

photo by victoriaeggs

Handmade Items: When you think “handmade,” fragile usually comes to mind. What better way to keep fragile items safe than with air pillows? Most cases, only a few pillows themselves are needed to keep delicate items secured. This adds less weight to your package, which also lower your shipping costs.

If you have a successful store through Etsy, consider using air pillows for all of your shipping needs. You’ll keep your customers happy and make sure they keep coming back for more hand-crafted products.

Adding Value with Air Pillows

The retail shipping business is competitive. Attracting and keeping high-value business is more challenging than ever. Too often, the only contact a store has with a potential customer is in a low-profit “drop-off” where the store has no opportunity to earn revenue or generate customer loyalty. To change this, retail stores must offer their customers superior packing and shipping options.

One such way of doing this is by offering a professional packing solution. Giving a customer something he or she can’t do at home is the best way to generate revenue and turn drop-offs into valuable customers. Air pillow machines that utilize inflated air pillows help retail stores do just that.

When you fill customer packages with peanuts or paper, you are simply doing something for the customer that could be done at home. But an air pillow machine is a professional packing tool that helps you add value to your customer’s shipments. Air pillows are vastly preferred over peanuts or paper due to their cleanliness, light weight, ease of disposal, simple recyclability, and superior product protection. And since most consumers don’t have their own air pillow machines, filling your customer’s packages with this superior shipping option helps you add value. And it give the customer a reason to use your professional services rather than a “do it yourself,” approach.

We make it simple for retail stores to switch to air pillows for void-fill. With no contracts, leases, or minimum purchase requirements, your store can order just the material it needs, reducing inventory costs and freeing valuable storage space. Giving your customers a proven superior packing option and showing them that you are a true packing professional will help you turn drop-offs into real business.

Are You a Packing Professional?

In the current business climate, companies must focus more than ever on delivering greater value and a superior buying experience for their customers. One area that is commonly neglected is shipping. Your business works overtime to ensure its products and service are top-notch. But are you hurting your reputation and your customer’s experience by shipping your products in a method that turns customers off?

No matter the quality of the product, if it arrives at the customer damaged, dirty, or difficult to access, the customer has a negative experience. Neglecting your shipping materials may be wasting money and costing you sales. We can help solve these problems by giving you the tools to “pack like a professional” and ensure your products make a positive impression on your customer when they arrive.

Anyone who’s ever received a product shipped in packing peanuts knows they make a mess! They’re bulky and difficult to dispose of, and they stick to everything. Paper can be easier to open up, but still leaves the customer with a large volume of trash, and its dust leaves your products looking dingy and unappealing. Air pillows offer a superior option. They make no mess, they don’t stick to the product, and disposing or recycling them couldn’t be easier. Their lower weight can even save you or your customer money by lowering the cost of shipping.

We make it easy to switch by offering, simple, low-cost air pillow machines and film with no contracts, leases, or minimum purchase requirements. You can save money on your void-fill materials and increase customer satisfaction. In a highly competitive market, these details can mark the difference between a satisfied repeat customer and one who shops around for a better experience.

Save Money With Our New Prices on All Air Pillow Film

On January 4th, PackRed is announcing new, lower pricing on its entire line of air pillow films. The price reductions vary but range from 10% to 20% off previous pricing. These new, lower prices are permanent and reflect our continuing dedication to providing our customers the best possible value in air pillow packing.

No changes have been made in the films themselves. All of the air pillow films will continue to be made of the same high-quality dual layer design that offer superior strength and longer life than other films. And, as always, we have no contracts, leases, or minimum ordering quantities for any of its films.

PackRed offers its customers the best value and simplest purchasing available with air pillow packaging. Our new lower prices will save you even more money and enable more businesses to make the switch to clean, inexpensive, environmentally friendly air pillows.

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Air Pillows: Eco-Friendly Packaging

According to the EPA, (Environmental Protection Agency) packaging accounts for a third of all waste produced. While it’s difficult to avoid using any packaging material, it can be done in a way that doesn’t hurt the environment. Out of all the void-fill solutions, like packing peanuts, air pillows, paper, or foam blocks, air pillows are the most eco-friendly, by far.

A huge part to being eco-friendly has to do with reuse. You can reuse packing peanuts and foam, but they create such a mess and end up in little pieces, most people just throw them out and keep ordering more. More use of these products can mean more mess to clean up.

With air pillows it’s different. They take up a much smaller space and don’t leave anywhere near the cleanup. You can even reuse them. The deflated pillows take up just 1% of the space of their inflated size, making reuse or recycling much simpler. And if you decide to dispose of them, they’re made of one-hundred percent recyclable polyethylene.

Another benefit to eco-friendly packaging can be an increase in sales. Studies have shown packaging labeled “recyclable,” “made from recycled materials” or “easier to recycle,” had more purchases. This lets your customer know that you care about how your products are shipped and the impact they have on the environment.

As more companies become Green, air pillows are the best choice for cutting down on waste, and creating a better experience for your customers.