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Are You a Packing Professional?

Written by chris navarro
Thursday, August, 10 2017

In the current business climate, companies must focus more than ever on delivering greater value and a superior buying experience for their customers. One area that is commonly neglected is shipping. Your business works overtime to ensure its products and service are top-notch. But are you hurting your reputation and your customer’s experience by shipping your products in a method that turns customers off?

No matter the quality of the product, if it arrives at the customer damaged, dirty, or difficult to access, the customer has a negative experience. Neglecting your shipping materials may be wasting money and costing you sales. We can help solve these problems by giving you the tools to “pack like a professional” and ensure your products make a positive impression on your customer when they arrive.

Anyone who’s ever received a product shipped in packing peanuts knows they make a mess! They’re bulky and difficult to dispose of, and they stick to everything. Paper can be easier to open up, but still leaves the customer with a large volume of trash, and its dust leaves your products looking dingy and unappealing. Air pillows offer a superior option. They make no mess, they don’t stick to the product, and disposing or recycling them couldn’t be easier. Their lower weight can even save you or your customer money by lowering the cost of shipping.

We make it easy to switch by offering, simple, low-cost air pillow machines and film with no contracts, leases, or minimum purchase requirements. You can save money on your void-fill materials and increase customer satisfaction. In a highly competitive market, these details can mark the difference between a satisfied repeat customer and one who shops around for a better experience.