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Air Pillows: Eco-Friendly Packaging

Written by chris navarro
Thursday, August, 10 2017

According to the EPA, (Environmental Protection Agency) packaging accounts for a third of all waste produced. While it’s difficult to avoid using any packaging material, it can be done in a way that doesn’t hurt the environment. Out of all the void-fill solutions, like packing peanuts, air pillows, paper, or foam blocks, air pillows are the most eco-friendly, by far.

A huge part to being eco-friendly has to do with reuse. You can reuse packing peanuts and foam, but they create such a mess and end up in little pieces, most people just throw them out and keep ordering more. More use of these products can mean more mess to clean up.

With air pillows it’s different. They take up a much smaller space and don’t leave anywhere near the cleanup. You can even reuse them. The deflated pillows take up just 1% of the space of their inflated size, making reuse or recycling much simpler. And if you decide to dispose of them, they’re made of one-hundred percent recyclable polyethylene.

Another benefit to eco-friendly packaging can be an increase in sales. Studies have shown packaging labeled “recyclable,” “made from recycled materials” or “easier to recycle,” had more purchases. This lets your customer know that you care about how your products are shipped and the impact they have on the environment.

As more companies become Green, air pillows are the best choice for cutting down on waste, and creating a better experience for your customers.