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Adding Value with Air Pillows

Written by chris navarro
Thursday, August, 10 2017

The retail shipping business is competitive. Attracting and keeping high-value business is more challenging than ever. Too often, the only contact a store has with a potential customer is in a low-profit “drop-off” where the store has no opportunity to earn revenue or generate customer loyalty. To change this, retail stores must offer their customers superior packing and shipping options.

One such way of doing this is by offering a professional packing solution. Giving a customer something he or she can’t do at home is the best way to generate revenue and turn drop-offs into valuable customers. Air pillow machines that utilize inflated air pillows help retail stores do just that.

When you fill customer packages with peanuts or paper, you are simply doing something for the customer that could be done at home. But an air pillow machine is a professional packing tool that helps you add value to your customer’s shipments. Air pillows are vastly preferred over peanuts or paper due to their cleanliness, light weight, ease of disposal, simple recyclability, and superior product protection. And since most consumers don’t have their own air pillow machines, filling your customer’s packages with this superior shipping option helps you add value. And it give the customer a reason to use your professional services rather than a “do it yourself,” approach.

We make it simple for retail stores to switch to air pillows for void-fill. With no contracts, leases, or minimum purchase requirements, your store can order just the material it needs, reducing inventory costs and freeing valuable storage space. Giving your customers a proven superior packing option and showing them that you are a true packing professional will help you turn drop-offs into real business.