About Us

PackRed Bubble Packaging Solutions

PackRed was founded by two people with almost two decades of combined experience in the packaging industry. They realized that while there were web sites that offered every possible packaging and shipping option, there was no place packagers and shippers could go to get only the best options.

PackRed is that site. We are committed to offering only the best products that save our customers the most money and offer them the easiest packaging and shipping experience. Our most important customers are your customers, and our success is measured by the increased value we help you offer them.

Our goal is to be the premier online resource for packaging and shipping materials, and we will accomplish that goal by offering the best products and providing the best customer support. Our office and warehouse in the Atlanta, Georgia area are staffed by people who know our products and who are committed to providing the best service and support possible.

When PackRed earns your business, we understand that we are becoming your partner in helping you support your customers. We appreciate your trust in us and we will work hard to support your operation and continue to earn your trust.

Contact us and let us know how we can do even better for you. We also love to hear how we’ve helped our customers improve their operations and better satisfy their customers, so please share your stories with us also!