Void Fill Packaging


Void fill packaging is any material used to fill up open space in your box or package. Void fill offers protection to your product during the shipping process. While most consumers are familiar with Stryofoam peanuts and bubble wrap, few realize how protective our air pillow machines really are. PackRed is confident we can save your business more money when you use our machines.

PackRed supplies your business with the best option to reduce your packaging and shipping costs. If you refer to our chart on our Air Pillow Machines page, you can see the difference in price. If you buy one of our products, you’ll see the benefits immediately! Bubble wrap and Styrofoam peanuts take up an incredible amount of space. Air pillows take up 1 cubic foot to store. Compare that to 116 feet of storage peanuts and bubble wrap. That’s a huge difference! If void fill packaging is a large part of your business, you need to consider one of our machines.

Think about your customer when you ship their orders. Do you want them opening up a huge amount of crinkled newspaper? Does your customer want more mess to deal with or would they appreciate a quicker, cleaner option when opening their package? Styrofoam peanuts stick to your items and sometimes, even the customer. Our film is light and easy to dispose of when your package has arrived to it’s destination. Air pillows make more sense for your business, and your customers. 

PackRed offers incredible support for all of your packaging and shipping needs. Our two-layer film can support static loads of over 650lbs! And they can shrink to just 1% of their original size! Air film is the greenest solution for void fill packaging. If you want to learn more, Contact us or visit our Store!